The journey

Finding a product you can truly trust, didn't happen overnight. It started with an idea of perfection and years of perseverance. It took a lot of hard work to bring you the finest and purest herbs to your hands.


Golden Herbs is committed to excellence, and in this huge market, we guarantee an unmatched quality.

Helping the communities

Our products are pure and hand-picked by the local experts who have years of professional experience in selecting the best branch of herbs with utmost precision and care. We're proud to say we've created hundreds of jobs over the past years.


We want to make a footprint in the market with our 100% natural products. Our goal is maximum customer satisfaction.

How we got here

In 2005, while on vacation in Asia, Golden Herbs founder came across a number of organic herbs that led him to the idea of bringing those "Golden Herbs" to an international market. He bought as much as he could fit in his bag and headed home, which led to establishing Golden Herbs brand.

We're proud of what we do


We offer three exotic herbs, Rose Petals, Matcha and Saffron, with the highest quality available in the market. We select our products with utmost precision and care.


Our vision is put into action through actions to benefit society and a commitment to excellence. We value our customers and our main goal is 100% customer satisfaction.


We've always been concerned about the quality of our products, and by acquiring the highest standards in the market, we've taken a significant step towards becoming unreachable by our competitors.