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Culinary Matcha Tea

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Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder can be used on its own when only whisked with hot water. This type of matcha is often consumed in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Ceremonial Grade Matcha is the highest quality grade of matcha.


Culinary Grade Matcha Powder is designed to be added to baked goods, lattes, smoothies, and more. Culinary Grade is more affordable and suitable for every type of consumption, except the original Matcha Tea.



Golden Herbs Hojicha has been certified organic by USDA and OCIA. It is a natural Japanese green tea that has been roasted to perfection and hand-picked from old family farms in Uji, Japan. Golden Herbs Matcha is made using the traditional Japanese Roasting Method, where the leaves are roasted over charcoal to bring out their full flavor. The result is a specialty tea with delicious light roasted aroma and taste that is sure to satisfy even the most discriminating tea drinkers.


Golden Herbs Ceremonial Grade Matcha is intended to be consumed on its own when whisked with hot water, while Culinary Grade Matcha is designed to be added to lattes, baked goods, smoothies, and more.

Golden Herbs Organic Matcha Tea

Made by grinding premium quality, shade-grown tea leaves into a fine powder, matcha has been an important part of Japanese art and culture since the 1100s.

We're Proud of what we do

OCIA Certified

Golden Herbs Matcha Tea is certified by Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) International, one of the world’s oldest and most trusted leaders in the organic certification industry.

USDA Organic

USDA's main responsibility is ensuring food safety for consumers. The USDA Organic seal guarantees that Golden Herbs Matcha is grown and processed according to federal guidelines.


Golden Herbs Matcha is entirely made with 100% natural ingredients. It is assured that this product does not contain any ingredients that were derived from genetically engineered organisms.


Compared to traditional green tea, the production of matcha requires the tea leaves to be protected from sunlight. Shading results in an increase in caffeine, total free amino acids, including theanine, but also reduces the accumulation of flavonoids (catechins) in leaves.

Enjoy a Cup of Japanese Heritage

Matcha is a well-known type of green tea, which is made purely from the young tea leaves. Using a Japanese traditional method and special grinders, the young and green leaves are turned into a fine powder .In Japanese culture, Matcha is know to have numerous health benefits.

Highest Quality Organic Japanese Matcha Tea


We always value our customers.

Wow!!! The taste is absolutely amazing, there is no need to add any enhancements to mask earthy flavors. The earthly flavor of Golden Herbs matcha is subtle and the color is beautiful. It produces a beautiful thin layer of foam.
— Kaitlyn Zittel
I loved the fresh, mild flavor of this Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder. I felt like it gave me a great boost to start my day instead of the coffee I usually drink. I also loved doing something healthy for myself.
— Sirvard Gurgen
I actually thought for a second these reviews might be fake, but the product is really top quality. Easily make a green tea latte at home. More caffeine than a regular cup of green tea. Good taste and great price.
— Ruben Hakob
I am a Japanese tea ceremony instructor. I usually buy match from a very well known tea company in Kyoto. This is my first time trying Matcha from a US vendor, and honestly it tastes exactly the same as the original matcha we have in Japan. Love Golden Herbs.
— Koji Chinatsu
The best matcha powder I've tried in a long time. It's just perfect. Rich taste and wondered smell. Simply the best!
— Lauren Kraushaar
A very high quality product. I love the match and have tried several brands, but I liked the Golden Herbs the most. The matcha turns out to be rich, whips well and the taste is noble. Recommend. I will order more.
— Kathrina Maribao


How can we help you?

What is the difference between cafe grade and ceremonial grade matcha?

Cafe Grade (or also referred to as "Culinary" or "Cooking" grade) is best used for mixing into things like smoothies and lattes, or for baking or using in other recipes. It is harvested later in the year so the green tea leaves have a bolder flavor that is too strong for most folks to enjoy on its own. This also means it is much less expensive.
Ceremonial grade, on the other hand, is made from the earliest harvest of tea leaves, which tend to be slightly sweeter and smoother, meaning that ceremonial grade can be enjoyed on its own just mixed with water - in the traditional "ceremonial" preparation as is popular in Japan.
In either grade, you'll still see a lot of variance in quality and price points, which can make it tricky to pick out the good from the bad. Through our direct relationship with our partner farm in Japan, we're confident in providing great quality Matcha at a reasonable price.

Please refer here for more info.

Is Golden Herbs matcha sweetened?

No, there is absolutely nothing added...each bag contains 100% USDA Organic, all natural, stone ground matcha green tea powder. You can certainly sweeten it up though with the sweetener of your choice! Many of our customers prefer it that way in their lattes and smoothies.

Does matcha contain caffeine?

Yes it does! Each half-teaspoon (1 gram) serving of Matcha contains roughly 25-35mg of caffeine, which is approximately one-third the caffeine of a cup of brewed coffee. Matcha is easily tolerated by many people for whom coffee makes them jittery because all of the other components that make up Matcha in effect slow down the release of caffeine into the body. It typically takes a good three to six hours for this minimal amount of caffeine to be absorbed into the bloodstream, and yet the mindfulness effects are apparent almost immediately upon drinking it.

What is the difference between Rose Petals and Rose Buds?

Rose petals are just petals without the buds of the rose flower. Rose petals are suitable for making tea, and beverages. They can also be used in bakery. Please refer here for more info on rose petals.

How should I prepare saffron?

It's quite simple. Grind our saffron threads in a small mortar with a pestle to a fine powder. Put the powder in a tiny jar and add 2 tablespoons of freshly boiled water. Let the saffron to brew for about 10 to 15 minutes. Your saffron is ready and you can use the liquid as required. Please refer here for more info.