Golden Herbs Organic Japanese Hojicha

  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY USDA AND OCIA | PURE AND ORGANIC HOJICHA - We are proud that our product is qualified as organic by the two most trusted leaders in the organic certification industry. Our Hojicha (roasted green tea powder) is the highest quality grade used on its own or when making lattes, baked goods, and ice cream.
  • JAPANESE ORIGIN | DIRECTLY FROM UJI FAMILY FARMS - The source of Hojicha is absolutely essential. We source directly from old family farms in Uji, Japan. Also, our Hojicha is finely stone-grounded and traditionally roasted to keep delicate nutrients and taste intact.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY OF HOJICHA | BEST TASTE GUARANTEED - Golden Herbs Hojicha is Non-GMO. It is carefully selected and packed to keep the delicate taste and fragrance of green tea roasted Hojicha.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - 100% money-back guarantee with absolutely no questions asked to ensure a no-risk purchase, we’re committed to integrity and the highest level of customer satisfaction, we stand behind our products

The tea experts at Golden Herbs are proud to present our new Hojicha

The Golden Herbs Hojicha is made from Uji tea leaves which are grown in the fields of Kyoto. The traditional roasting method used to make this tea ensures that its aroma and taste are as rich as possible.

The Taste of Authenticity

The Golden Herbs Hojicha has been harvested and roasted in Uji, Kyoto using traditional methods that have been passed down for generations. The result is a delicious cup of tea with a roasted aroma and a delightfully sweet taste. The gentle roasting process preserves all of the antioxidants in the tea leaf, which contributes to its high level of health benefits.

For a tea that is not just delicious, but also brings you a sense of well-being, look no further than

Golden Herbs Organic Hojicha

Hojicha | The King of Teas

Hojicha is known as "the king of teas" due to its low caffeine content and ability to improve energy levels without any bitterness or jittery side effects. It also contains many antioxidants that help reduce inflammation, making it an excellent choice for those who want a healthy alternative to coffee or other caffeinated drinks.

A Healthy Alternative to Coffee

low caffeine content, which helps improve energy levels without making you feel jittery or nervous after drinking it.